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 Divertor Valve Troubleshooting Section

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Divertor Valve Troubleshooting Section Empty
PostSubject: Divertor Valve Troubleshooting Section   Divertor Valve Troubleshooting Section EmptySat Dec 18, 2010 5:28 pm

Divertor Valve Troubleshooting Section 26-270-1212_LG-145x135

Nothing happens when diverter valve is turned

How old is the spa?
The year model of the spa determines the type of diverter valve that was used.
On older spas, the diverter valve was in the equipment area. In some models,
the diverter valve was part of the jets.
On newer spas, the diverter valves are located at the top of the spa. This
information helps to determine the potential problem.

Is there water flow going to the valve?
If there is no water flow going to the valve, you will feel little or no resistance at
the valve.
Make sure that water is flowing through the valve before determining there is a

Is the valve leaking when it is turning?
If the valve leaks when turned, the internal insert is probably broken and needs
to be replaced. The insert presses against the seal to prevent water from
coming out.
The valve insert will need to be replaced.

Is the pump that supplies water to the valve operating?
If the pump that supplies water to the valve is not running, there will be no water
for the diverter valve to divert.
Listen and check the topside panel for indication that the pump should be

Is the shaft running from the valve handle to the bottom valve

On older spas, the handle is attached to a U-joint, which is attached to a shaft,
which attached to another U-joint, and then attaches to the valve.
If any of these attachment points is broken, the valve handle will just spin but the
valve won’t turn.
Locate the broken component and replace it.

Does the diverter valve move when the pump is turned ON?
On newer spas, the diverter valve is designed to move even with the • force of
the water flowing against it.
If the valve is stuck, it is probably calcium buildup, scale or grit lodged • between
the valve insert and the valve body.
Turn the power off. Lift the handle portion of the valve straight up • from the
valve. Unscrew the cap to expose the insert. Grab the stem of the insert and pull
straight up. When the insert comes out, inspect the outer sides.
If there are deep scratches or embedded objects, replace the insert. • If there is
only calcium buildup, scale or minor scratches, use 220 grit wet / dry sandpaper
to smooth out the sides of the insert. Also sand the internal area where the
insert rubs against the body of the valve.

Does the diverter valve move when the pump is turned OFF?
On older spas, the diverter valves were not designed to turn against • the force
of the water. The pump must be turned off before the valve will turn.
If the valve is still stuck, remove the inserts and replace or sand as • in the
procedures above.
Some diverter valves on older model spas are below the water level. • It will be
necessary to drain the spa first.

Website: For all your spa part needs click on the link below www.diyhottubrepair.com
London's Pool & Spa
Phone 813-779-9664
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Divertor Valve Troubleshooting Section
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