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 Hot Tub Tips

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PostSubject: Hot Tub Tips   Hot Tub Tips EmptyThu Jun 06, 2013 3:20 am

Are you thinking about purchasing a hot tub or do you currently own one? Here are five maintenance tips for easily maintaining a hot tub and keeping it clean. Hot tubs because of the heat are havens for bacteria and algae growth. They should be sanitized properly and chemicals checked regularly.

Here is a list of things that need to be checked on a regular basis:

Thing 1: On a daily basis check the filter and keep this clean. Filters are havens for all kinds of junk to gather. I personally do not believe the filter can be cleaned enough in a hot tub.

Thing 2: On a daily basis check the PH balance in the hot tub and keep it between 7.4 and 7.6. This will hold down on skin irritation and also algae growth that could be costly to get rid of. Children and people with sensitive skin are usually affected when the PH balance is off.

Thing 3: On a daily basis check the chemical that one is using to sanitize the hot tub. Chlorine should not be used because the heat from the hot tub will evaporate Chlorine very quickly so it will not be around long enough to work continually. Bromine is what is generally used and can easily be checked with a test kit or test strips by most anyone.

Note: If you are using Chlorine reconsider this and use a chemical that is recommended for hot tub use. Always check and see what the manufacturer suggests for use.

Thing 4: Monthly or bi-monthly check the calcium hardness which should be between 100-200 MG/I calcium can encrust the filter and cause water lines to form if it is not at an acceptable level. In a swimming pool low calcium can cause the gunite to crumble because if the water has not got enough calcium it will extract it from another source. Note: Many water sources must have calcium added.

Thing 5: Clean the water rim daily if one has the time if not do not let it go more than a week as this could create more work on the person doing the maintaining. There are chemicals that are safe to use that will make this job go smoother. Cleaning the rim regularly keeps the hot tub looking and feeling clean.

These five tips will keep the hot tub clean and safe. Maintaining a hot tub is much like maintaining a swimming pool. Doing it yourself will give one a personal satisfaction.
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Hot Tub Tips
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