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 Spa Power Savings Section

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PostSubject: Spa Power Savings Section   Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:08 pm

Spa uses too much power - very high power bills

Is the spa covered when not being used?
If the cover is left off the spa, the heater will continue to heat the water but most
of the heat will escape. This could result in extremely high electric bills.
Provide a good insulated cover that blankets the entire surface area of the spa.

Is there any other appliances installed at the same time as the spa?
Other appliances can draw a lot of electricity at the same time as the spa.
Most Spas are designed to be energy efficient and should not cause a large rise
in electric bills. In most cases, when carefully investigated, there is always
another cause for large electric bills

What time of the year is it?
Sometimes, weather plays a factor in the electric cost.
Common sense dictates that it is going to cost more to operate a spa if it’s cold
outside with the wind blowing versus hot outside with no wind.
Keep the insulated cover on the spa and if the spa is located in an extreme
climate, switch to a deluxe cover and extra insulation for additional energy

What temperature do you run your spa at?
The higher the operating temperature of the spa, the more electricity it will use
to stay warm.
Try turning the spa down when you are not using it, especially if not using the
spa every day.

How much filtration time do you have on your spa?
If you don’t need extra filtration time on your spa, there is no reason to pay for
the pumps to run. Adjust the filtration time down based on your usage.

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PostSubject: Re: Spa Power Savings Section   Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:49 am

Hey what precautions we keep in mind to save the power ???
Give some power saving tips...
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Spa Power Savings Section
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